24 February 2012

Tourist Time

Everyday I've been up and out exploring the beautiful city of Sydney, basically doing what any tourist would. Above is a small collection of places I've been to like the Rocks, the Zoo, Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Blue Mountains, Three Sisters, Bondi Beach, Hillsong Church, and my new Uni. Unfortunately, I've forgotten my camera several times so many of the places I've visited are missing. I'm falling in love with this great city; beautiful places to see, food to eat, and many beaches to relax in. If God keeps me here after grad school, I won't be opposed of it at all.

A couple of things I'm looking forward to is my family BBQ tomorrow, getting plugged at Hillsong City Church this Sunday, giving my mom here gift (here), and school commences on Monday (I've never been more excited for school, can't wait to make new friends)! On the contrary, my mom leaves me on Monday WHAAA, but she'll be back soon :)

To my family and friends back home, I bought heaps of postcards my first week here but only wrote on one so far... sorry!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love all the pictures!
    Love that you're exploring the new CONTINENT you are on.
    Miss you and love you rhe!

  2. OMG. how amazing does this all look? i am so jealous! soak it all in rhe! miss you dearly.

  3. Wow- you are so lucky to be going to school in Sydney! It looks gorge. Good luck on your first day and making new friends :)