11 February 2012

"See You Later"


Some of the pictures above are taken from the surprise goodbye party my sneaky friends Steph & Heidi planned! They gathered together my closest family and friends for a night of dinner, games, and said a wonderful prayer for me. I tried not to cry the whole night but they had me sit down to watch a video they put together... and I cried, success! I'm so overwhelmed at the wonderful people the Lord has put in my life and the blessed times we've all shared. I couldn't have asked for a better night to spend with the ones I love. Thank you to my partner Hannah for capturing this special night for me on video that can be seen here.

After a 14 hour flight, PTL (Praise the Lord) my mom and I arrived safely in Sydney! But just before the flight my sweet sweet family and friends spent my last hours in LA at the airport playing card games and eating chips and salsa. It was very much a bitter sweet farewell where we said "see you later" and I couldn't hold back my tears. My mom and I had a great flight watching lots of movies, catching up on sleep, and they even served me special vegetarian meals that were surprising delicious! I'm so excited for this new chapter and to see what the Lord is going to be orchestrating in my life.

To all my family and friends back home, see you soon!


  1. Praise the Lord you arrived safely.
    I love you and miss you, praying for you!

    nuzzle nuzzle

  2. You have great friends :) You all look so happy and beautiful :)



  3. Your friends looks so fun and it's great you got there safely! Thanks for visiting my blog, it means a lot!