31 January 2012

Belated-Birthday Weekend

This past Friday and Saturday my best friends, Heidi & Steph, continued our birthday tradition of blindfolds as we celebrated my belated-birthday in LA! It was a perfect weekend with perfect friends and perfect weather, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. For more details of the weekend, check out Steph's blog.

On Sunday my friend Paige took me to the Melrose Trading Post swap meet on Fairfax (Yelp site) where we made sure we had a time limit of 2 hours and only brought a certain amount of cash, because anything over that would be dangerous. I wanted to buy everything, let's just say if I had a house or apartment I would go crazy! Thankfully (and surprisingly) I didn't go over budget and purchased a pair of cut-off denim shorts and two necklace pendants, yay!

I'm going to miss LA!!

27 January 2012

Lunch With the Ones You Love

The weather was even better today! My family and I headed out to Venice Beach to have lunch at our friend's yummy cafe, The Cow's End. The family owned cafe is two-stories with lots of seating inside and out, a study area upstairs, and free wi-fi. They serve tasty sandwiches, wraps, and salads, along with delicious drinks. I built my own veggie sandwich with honey dijon spread and ordered a Kalani's Obsession smoothie (which I highly recommend if you like pineapples, bananas, and mangos). We had our lunch to go and took it out to the beach that was half a block away and the weather was perfect. Even though we didn't get in the water I had a great time with the kids and I'm so thankful my cousin held them from school today so that we can all spend time together before I leave.  
Tomorrow, my best friends are celebrating my late birthday with our blindfold traditions! (Here, here, here, here, here, and here!) Let's just say I'm so excited to say the least!! 

25 January 2012

One-Way Ticket

I've decided to make my mom a "fashion book" of outfits as a little gift when I leave. I spent the whole day putting about 100 outfits together consisting of all four seasons of the year and party dresses. As soon as I pick out an outfit for her to wear to church she'll wear that same outfit for the week because she doesn't know what else to wear! I won't be able to dress her when I'm gone so I came up with a sweet collection of outfits for her choose from. She's got an amazing closet and so I pulled together a few items to give her an idea of how to utilize her pieces for each season. The picture above is a screen shot from a few of the outfits made. I'm so excited for the turn out so stay tuned for the finished product!
Any suggestions for the title? I'm not sure I'm digging "fashion book"

Oh yeah and I just purchased a one-way ticket to Australia... it's so surreal!

24 January 2012

Sushi Monday

So it pretty much rained all day which I strangely enjoyed because I was forced to stay in and clean my room and pack! But the sky cleared up beautifully just in time for me to go out and have sushi with some girls from school. We met up at DTF (Downtown Fullerton) at a sushi place called Momo. The food, ambiance, and staff was great with lagre portions; I would definitely go back again. I was so blessed with the time I got to spend with these lovely ladies catching up on life and laughing at old memories. By the way I totally loved the drive downtown with the lights still up and lit!!

Hope you all had a nice Monday!

PS You can't really tell but I'm wearing my Zara Vest, YAY!

23 January 2012

Zara Sale!

Last weekend I had girls trip with my mom and cousin (who is pretty much my sister!) to Old Town Pasadena not knowing the Zara sale has recently started! Lo and behold the fur vest I've been eyeing for a long time went on sale! So of course I purchased it :) We also went to to a place called Crossroads Trading Co. where they buy and sell gently used in season items. The store is very similar to Buffalo Exchange if you're familiar with that store. They had really cute vintage pieces like a Gucci purse, Versace coat, Salvatore Ferragamo pumps and also more recent items like Free People dresses, Michael Kors coats, Joe's jeans, and Steve Madden heels. All for a very reasonable price!
I'm so excited for my new vest that I will of course be taking with me to Australia! As for my packing, I did purchase 1 dozen space saver bag, I call that progress!

22 January 2012

Hello Blog World!

My friends (Steph & Hannah) would be so proud of me, I've started a blog! Right now I'm in the process of packing and moving to Australia to study for 2 years. My departure date is TBA but it's definitely within the next 3 weeks. To be honest I have nothing packed, just a mental list I keep rewriting over and over in my head because I keep forgetting. Hanging out with family and friends has been my priority which has helped me avoid packing. The thought that I have to pack for summer, fall, & winter clothes in 3 luggages each weighting 50 pounds is torture, mainly because I don't know when I'll be coming back to the states so I have to bring EVERYTHING. If you know anything about me, this is a HUGE dilema. Not only do I have to pack my clothes, shoes, accessories, and millions of underwear, but school books, ice skates, and toiletries (and you know that weights a lot!). I was told that things cost more in Australia than they do in America (especially beauty products), and as an unemployed-broke college student there's not way I'm buying a new wardrobe there.

To Do List:
[x] Go to the beach
[x] Deep clean my room
[x] Buy an American flag
[x] Hang out with Biola friends :)
[x] Eat In-n-Out
[  ] Buy a CA state necklace (here)
[  ] Mom's gift (stay tuned, it's going to be pretty sweet!)
[x] Jury duty next week (ugh)
[x] Traffic school (double ugh)
[  ] Pack (triple ugh!)

Any packing suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)