24 January 2012

Sushi Monday

So it pretty much rained all day which I strangely enjoyed because I was forced to stay in and clean my room and pack! But the sky cleared up beautifully just in time for me to go out and have sushi with some girls from school. We met up at DTF (Downtown Fullerton) at a sushi place called Momo. The food, ambiance, and staff was great with lagre portions; I would definitely go back again. I was so blessed with the time I got to spend with these lovely ladies catching up on life and laughing at old memories. By the way I totally loved the drive downtown with the lights still up and lit!!

Hope you all had a nice Monday!

PS You can't really tell but I'm wearing my Zara Vest, YAY!


  1. looks like the perfect day! its so exciting your moving to australia! do you know which city you are moving to? im from sydney! (but currently living in the UK)
    if you are moving to sydney then ill have a lot of tips and recommendations for you :) x

  2. great pictures
    looks like you had a fun night :)